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We offer industry competitive closing packages for home purchases and sales

Real Estate


$799.00 for a sale transaction, (discharging one mortgage plus HST*)

$1,099.00 for a purchase transaction , (plus HST, title insurance, registration cost, and land transfer tax*)

The additional charges for a purchase transaction will be the 
Land Transfer Tax (based on purchase price), Title Insurance (cost varies based on the purchase price), and the Registration of the Deed and Mortgage ($149 plus HST if applicable). If you are buying in Toronto, the City of Toronto has implemented an administration fee of $84.75 (Toronto Land Transfer Tax) which is also additional.


There may be additional costs for paying off writs of seizure & sale and dealing with title problems.*


(*Real Estate Fees and disbursements quoted above are for residential purchases under $500,000 located in Durham Region. For purchases over $500,000.00 additional fees and disbursements will apply. Please call for details. If you are buying outside of Durham Region, additional disbursements may apply. If you are buying outside Toronto, Ontario Land Transfer taxes will apply. If you are buying inside Toronto, Toronto’s Municipal Land Transfer Tax AND Ontario Land Transfer taxes will apply. If you are arranging a mortgage, your mortgage company may charge broker fees, Tax on CMHC Fees, charges to deliver mortgage documents, etc. Prices quoted are for standard transaction with up to one mortgage to be arranged or up to one discharged. Transactions requiring additional registrations or multiple mortgage discharges may result in additional fees or disbursements. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to decline retainers. **To be eligible for the land transfer tax rebate for first time homebuyers you must meet the requirements set out in the legislation.) We understand that buying a home is often the largest purchase that many of us will ever make. We give the transaction the respect and time that it deserves. No assembly lines here, you deal with a lawyer and that lawyer’s assistant directly. We are confident that we can offer you the best service and value!



Refinancing with CIBC, TD, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Meridian Credit Union and Autoworkers Community Credit Union:


 $699 plus HST and disbursements (includes the payout of one mortgage. Additional fees will apply if there are additional payouts required).



Refinancing with all other lenders except private lenders:


 $999 plus HST and disbursements (includes the payout of one mortgage.  Additional fees will apply if there are additional payouts required).




Private lenders:  Please call for a quote.