Don't be pennywise and pound foolish

April 10th, 2020

This old saying applies to making a will. Unfortunately there are a number of websites and businesses  that have little to no legal experience, now offering shoddy will kits. This documentation is not always legally binding, and can exacerbate a problem in the pursuit of saving time and money. 

Our firm was recently involved in a lengthy and expensive legal battle over the legitimacy of a homemade will. Our client and partner used a home will kit, however neglected to follow proper legal procedures. When our client’s partner passed, the family of our client made claims that the will was fraudulent, and the witnesses denied signing the documents. At this stage our client was required to hire legal counsel. Hiring a lawyer for this process costs anywhere from $600-$1000. Instead, our client had to come to a resolution through the courts and amassed around $35 000 in fees. 

At Neal Law, we want you and your loved ones to be protected. We urge our clients to be diligent when it comes to estate planning; to do it properly the first time. Call us today, and avoid unnecessary pitfalls in planning for your future.